Trees are already starting to drop their leaves even though the weather is still like those warm spring days in May.

Ankara is basically a concrete jungle filled with hideous architecture in a valley surrounded by dry, empty hills.
Bilkent University, where I study, is located on one of those hills and is what you get when you have a shitload of money, invest it to construct a quasi-utopian bubble for students and invite rich kids from all over Turkey to study there (or hand out scholarships).

Ayranci is the name of the residential middle class area where I live and over time I’ve developed goat-legs because of the steep hills I have to conquer on a daily basis.

A gang of stray dogs roam the street of Ankara at night looking for food, I almost shitted my pants when I first bumped into them at 3 a.m. but apparently they are harmless.

I have seen more hospitals from the inside since I’ve been here than I have in the past 2 years back home.

A sense of unease is in the air which was there before the attack, but has become much more intense since, and will probably stay so until after the elections of November 1st.

The Turkish people keep astonishing me by their sheer generosity (people randomly inviting u over for tea, suggesting to pay for your bus when you don’t have a buscard or shopowners letting a few lira slip because you didn’t bring enough change with you).

In other words, I’m grateful for being here.


2 reacties op ‘Ankara

  1. Hahah loved this short description of Ankara. I can totally relate to the concrete filled jungle look. In fact, most places in Turkey look like that. The Turks mostly don’t give a shit about how their house looks from the outside and focus much more on the inside. I think this has partly to do with the high amount of earthquakes in most regions. Houses needed to be reconstructed in a fast pace which didn’t leave any room for architectural aesthetics.

    Those gangs of stray dogs have often times scared me as well. Our western minds aren’t exactly used to that kind of confrontation and our imagination goes haywire.

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